Five Minutes With…. Adam King

April 17th, 2016 | Uncategorized


"The King"If you were throwing a party and could invite anyone alive or dead who would it be? Jesus, Pablo Escobar, Will Ferrell, (No women – I’m engaged)

Where doyou go out to celebrate big wins? That doesn’t happen to often, used to be Slaney, but sadly it’s gone.

What’s the worst pitch you have ever played on? Bright’s old pitch. Still never scored mind.

Which character in any film are you most like? Channing Tatum in Magic Mike

Who’s the biggest joker in the team? Big Shieldsy – he’s a ganche.

Which team mate has the best looking other half? I have of course.

Who is the worst trainer? Where do I start. Donnie – doesn’t miss many but all he does is gurrn when he’s there.

Who spends the most time in front of the dressing room mirror? There’s plenty of Spice Boys, but has to be Leigh Cunningham. God love him.

Who was your toughest opponent? Ronan Murtagh.

Best ever performance? Don’t know. (Ed – too modest)

Worst ever performance? Against Bredagh in Junior Championship – I got knocked out.

When you were playing in the back garden who did you pretend to be? I still play in the back garden I’m always Aidan O’ Shea.

If there was a transfer market who would be in and who would be out of your club? In – Michael Murphy Out – Donnie Ritchie back to Kilclief

Many thanks Adam. No bother big man, any chance I could do Strictly next year?